Bindy’s Nail Cuticle Pusher Sift Rubber Tip Purple Colour 10 Pack sold out!


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Nail Cuticle Pusher Soft Rubber Tip ( 10 in packet)

Brand New Colour Purple

To be used for pushing back the cuticles and cleaning under your nails.

A great tool for the application of nail polish wraps, to push down and seal the wrap.

Portable and durable


UV Gel specifications


  1. Prepare the nail, file and buff well and including the corners of the nails. Buffing will help remove any oils from the nail surface and your nail should be nice and smooth before application.
  2. Clean and wipe your nail with an alcohol wipe or a nail pre solution and let dry before applying the UV gel.
  3. Before applying, gently roll the bottle between the palms of your hands. Don’t shake your bottle heavily as this can produce air bubbles.
  4. Apply a thin coat of the base coat and apply over the nail tips. Make sure you avoid getting any on your cuticle or skin, as this can cause it to peel and not stay on.
  5. Cure for 60 to 99 seconds depending on the wattage of your lamp (UV OR Led lamp) and the lamp will switch off automatically.
  6. Apply the selected colour gel and repeat steps 3 through to 5.
  7. If you wish to apply more coats, follow steps 3 through to 5.
  8. Apply Bindy’s Non wipe top coat, and follow steps 3 to 4.
  9. Cure under UV lamp or Led Lamp for 60 seconds.
  10. Make sure that you don’t leave your bottle open and keep out of direct sunlight.


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