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We are so excited and happy to introduce  ”Restoranail”

Hiding An Ugly Nail?

Restoranail treats damaged nails and fungal nail infections.

It will repair nails that have been damaged by artificial nails, whether they are Acrylic, Shellac, SNS or Gel or by fungus. and the damage that can be caused  by them, either by their removal or from just wearing them for a period of time.

It will cover and protect the nail, unique treatment, proven efficacy, it is easy to apply and is convenient to use.

You only need to apply it once daily and you don’t need to cut or file your nail back at all.

Simply paint RestoraNail on the affected nails at bedtime and let it dry to a clear, matte finish. The invisible RestoraNail film covers and protects damaged nails and elimanates the conditions that fungi need in order to grow. Clean after once a week with nail polish remover. Applicator is safe for continuous use due to the poly-ureaurethane base offering a completely sterile environiment.

Once RestoraNail is dry the user can go out about their normal everday activity- swimming, take a bath or shower or even paint over the film with nail polish or favorite nail wrap for a special occasion.

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Nail wrap specifications



Make sure you use an alcohol wipe to remove any lotions, oils or dirt, before applying the nail polish wraps. Also, don’t let the nail polish strips touch the cuticles on the skin as this can cause them to crack or lift off.

  1. Remove the clear cover – a tip I found handy was to bend the tip of the silver bit a little and the clear plastic cover will come off easier for you.
  2. Peel polish strip.
  3. Tear silver tab end.
  4. Apply the correct size to nail and gently stretch to fit the nail.
  5. Make sure you file in the downward motion only and try not to file off too much at the tip as it will look like you have tip wear on the first day. This can happen sometimes depending how you angle the nail file.
  6. To get long-lasting results you can apply a top coat or a UV gel. Make sure you test one nail with your top coat or gel, as some don’t work too well together, they may cause lifting and cracking on the wrap.


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