Bindy's Non-Wipe Top Coat

Using base and top coat with nail wraps

A helpful hint from one of our customer’s and dear friends:
You can use our base and top coat with the nail polish wraps! Perfect for if your nail bed is uneven and you’re worried that the nail polish wrap won’t look any good, because they are thinner.

Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Apply our Base Coat gel first. You need to wipe over the base coat with an alcohol wipe to remove the stickiness before applying the wrap.

Step 2 – Apply the nail polish wraps on top, the self-levelling of the gels provides a nice smooth surface and will give you a perfect finish.

Step 3 – Optional: Seal the nail polish wraps with Bindy’s Non-Wipe Top Coat. I usually wait an hour or two, or apply this the next morning if I have done my mani the night before.

Step 4 – Enjoy your beautiful manicure xx

Leftover nail wrap tips

Looking after leftover wraps

A wonderful, helpful tip for leftover nail wraps! If you have any remaining leftover wraps, you can reseal the packaging with a hair straightening or your hot iron or with vacuum sealer machine. This will keep your wraps like new from like the first day you opened them!

Base Coat or no Base Coat

A debate has arisen over whether to use a base coat with the One Step Gel. As the name implies it is a One Step Gel and is meant to be applied with just one coat.

Some customers have found that they get a better result by using a base coat. This makes for a much smoother finish and makes it easier to remove the One Step Gel when you want to change colours. One of the main reasons for using a base coat is to smooth out the nail from any damage, ridges or uneven surfaces that may be present on the nail. Some customers have also found that by using a base coat the One Step Gel is easier to remove from the nail.

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